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Madrid bans e-scooters after pedestrian killed

European cities are being swamped with kids-style stand up electric scooter fleets. They’re controlled by an app and don’t need to be docked like a conventional ‘Boris bike’ or similar hire fleet, so they can be left around the streets waiting for the next user to just jump on board.

Earlier this week Madrid announced a ban on the electric scooters after a 90-year-old pedestrian was killed by one. Police in the Spanish Capital have recorded 22 accidents involving e scooters since the start of the summer when the three main hire firms began operating there. Eight of the accidents were for pedestrians being run over by the 25 kmph machines.

There are three main companies hiring out the machines in the city and in a bid to improve safety they have already been given regulations to limit their use to cycle lanes and 30 kmph single lane roads. The firms have also been told to re-programme their apps so the scooters can’t be used in pedestrian areas, or left clogging the pavements up. Geo-fencing can be used to limit use to designated areas.

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