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TreadLightly Fleet Driver Training

TreadLightly Fleet Driver Training, advanced driving,

TreadLightly Fleet Driver Training is aimed at reducing risks faced by company vehicle drivers, whilst at the same time reducing fleet running costs with lower accident rates, improved fuel consumption and reduced maintenance bills.  These TreadLightly Fleet Driver Training programmes will meet your health and safety obligations and duty of care to your fleet drivers.

Delivered by DVSA Fleet Registered Driver Trainers your drivers will learn advance driving techniques that will help them achieve a safe and stress-free drive.

Through coaching and training our team will develop the driving skills within your fleet to help your team drive in a more relaxed, stress free and ECO efficient style. Leading to a more comfortable drive, reduced fuel costs and improved maintenance and whole life vehicle costs.

We recommend that the format for our TreadLightly Fleet Driver Training programme is a 2:1 participant/trainer ratio, however it is possible for the programme to run on a 1:1 basis for a full or half day.

TreadLightyl Fleet Driver Training and Assessment courses.

UKGRS trainers will attend your premises and the training takes place in a vehicle that the driver uses on a regular basis, this way the driver feels more comfortable.   This methodology will also allow our trainer to demonstrate to the driver the checks they should be making as a daily and  weekly  routines and give the organisation practical advice regarding on-site parking/manoeuvring etc.

For more information on the TreadLightly programmes please call our office on Tel: 01452 347332

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