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School Introduces Number Plates for Cyclists

Children from a south London school have been told they will be banned from cycling if they do not put number plates on their bikes.

Teachers at Stanley Park High in Carshalton are introducing the plates on 1 October alongside measures to encourage cycling, including subsidised bike lights and maintenance workshops.

The number plate scheme, launched in response to incidents of children cycling in a way that ‘endangers themselves and others’, enables members of the public to report pupils who ride dangerously.

Head Teacher, Mr Amin, stated “Our absolute priority is the safety of our students, and the aim of this initiative is simply to ensure their safety as they travel to and from school.”

UKGRS response to helping to ensure students safety when cycling is to educate. Our "Handle it! Cycle Safely" online training module is aimed at educating students in years 5 & 6, the module covers how to look after their cycle, how to dress and how to safely negotiate different hazards and road situations.

The scheme is run in association with the school and a donation from each sale is made to school funds or the School PTA.

For more information on how to join the scheme please contact us on 01452 347332.

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