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UK Familiarisation Training

UK driver familiarisation course

Larger organisations often find that they are now recruiting more personnel from outside of the United Kingdom, often such team members have not previously driven in the UK, or even on the left hand side of the road.

During this programme our trainers will cover the rules and regulations of driving in the UK and help the driver develop techniques that will help them adjust to their new environment.

Participants attending this fleet driver training progrmame are often a little nervous, therefore during the first part of the course the trainer will build a rapour with the trainee to put them at ease.  The content is besoke to each drivers' requirments, our highky qualified and experienced trainers will adapt to the differing needs of the indiviual and coach them in the skills they need. Often the ultimate aim is for the driver to pass the UK driving test and, as Approved Driving Instructors, our trainers are able to provide this training.

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