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Congestion - Top Concern for UK Drivers

Traffic congestion is the top concern of UK motorists in 2018, while drivers using social media on the move is seen as the biggest risk to personal safety, according to a new survey.

More than three-quarters (76%) of those surveyed said that congestion is a bigger problem than three years ago, followed by mobile phone usage (73%).

The third biggest concern was aggressive drivers, which more than a third (68%) of respondents said was a bigger problem than in 2015.

However when asked what motorists feel is ‘a serious threat’ to their safety while driving, drivers checking or updating their social media or texting ranked first, with 93%.

Other major concerns were people driving after using illegal drugs (91%) and after drinking alcohol (90%), drivers speeding on residential streets (89%), talking on mobile phones (89%) and ignoring red lights (88%).

23% of respondents said they were willing to drive at five miles an hour over the limit in a residential street, 11% said they would drive without a seat belt and 9% said they would drive at 5mph over the limit near a school.

Talking about their own bad habits, 5% admitted they regularly talked on a mobile phone while driving, with 4% confessing to have regularly driven while feeling drowsy or tired.

Driver education and training is often not a priority for organisations that have drivers on the road. However, undertaking an online driver assessment and training programme can address many of the issues that are of concern to drivers by explaining why certain actions are dangerous and should be avoided.

Online training also provides and excellent auditable trail to demonstrate compliance with HSE regulations.

For more details please contact us on 01452 347332.

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