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UKGRS launch Handle It - Cycle Safely e-Module for Children

At UKGRS we take every aspect of road safety seriously. Statistics tell us that in 2016 there were 1981 casualties, including 8 deaths, amongst children who were cycling in the UK*. We feel, that as one of the leading road safety providers in the UK, it is important that we play our part in addressing this issue.

This online programme is designed to teach the children of years 5 & 6 about cycling safely, which the child completes in their own time, at their own pace at home. Upon completion of the training part of the course, there is a “quiz” and at the end of this the child will receive a certificate confirming they can now “Handle It!”.

Spokesperson, Liz Smith, said “UKGRS had noticed that online training providers in the road safety sector who supply cyclist awareness training modules do so from a drivers’ viewpoint, there is very little in the market place for training from the cyclist’s perspective.

We chose to start with the “Handle It! – Cycle Safely” e-module as we know this is a very vulnerable age group. At this age, Years 5 & 6, they will be looking to get out on their own and go a little further from home.

The module covers a range of topics including the bike and their own condition, rules and regulations, signs & road markings and how to negotiate a range of hazards.

Liz advises that other e-modules for cyclists are in the pipeline and will be launched later in the year.

UKGRS are currently offering “Handle It! – Cycle Safely” through schools, clubs & organisations and will make a donation of £1 per module to the school, club or organisations funds. For further details please contact Jane Sneddon on 01452 347332 or

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