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Summer drink & drug driving campaign: 118 motorists arrested in a month.

One hundred and eighteen suspected drink or drug drivers have been arrested across North Yorkshire following a major month-long campaign that coincided with the World Cup.

As the campaign concludes, North Yorkshire Police said the results show how determined they are to tackle the “destructive scourge” of drink and drug driving, and added: “If you saw what we see, you’d never ever do it”.

Officers have been out around the clock, conduction roadside checks, carrying out traffic stops and targeting known offenders.

So far, ten drivers have been convicted at court and banned from the roads for a total of 22 years.

They have been fined a total of more than £6,500. Some have received community orders.

The longest ban so far is 48 months and the biggest individual fine was almost £3,500.

On average, those arrested blew twice the legal drink drive limit.

The number of arrests is up by 20 since last year.

Officers say the rise could be down to people going out to watch World Cup matches, the warm weather and effective enforcement tactics across North Yorkshire.

Roads Policing Inspector Dave Barf said: “The high number of arrests during our campaign shows how determined we are to take drink and drug drivers off our roads. It’s a destructive scourge that wrecks people’s lives, so I’m glad we’ve had such positive impact during our month-long campaign.

“I hope it’ll make people think twice. But unfortunately, drink and drug drivers tend only to think about themselves.

“I often wonder if they’d still do it if they saw what we saw – the absolute carnage of a crash scene; body parts on the carriageway; someone’s mum, dad or child lying rigid on a mortuary slab, and the heartbreaking reactions we see when we have to tell people a loved one has been killed.

“Despite our best efforts, it’s highly likely there will be families in North Yorkshire who will find themselves in exactly this situation before the year is out.

“You cannot believe anyone would be prepared to cause that for the sake a few extra pints or a quick high.”

Insp Barf urged anyone who has information about people drink or drug driving to report it to North Yorkshire Police on 101, adding: “It’s selfish and I don’t want me or my family to share road space with them – do you? We’ll do everything we can to catch them and the public can help by sharing information with us. Don’t have someone’s death on your conscience.”

The campaign in numbers:
  • 118 arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving-related offences across North Yorkshire

  • 30-day campaign, between 14 June and 14 July

Charged and convicted:
  • 53 charged so far, 45 bailed or released pending further investigations, 17 released with no further action

  • 10 criminal convictions to date

  • 48 months is the longest driving ban so far

  • £3,5000 is the biggest fine given to an individual so far

(*please note that a large number of suspects have yet to go through the court process)

Scenarios leading to arrest:
  • 15 of the 118 arrested failed to provide

  • 30 of the 118 were arrested following a crash

  • 28 were arrested following drug screening tests

Other numbers:
  • Eight out of ten arrested were men

  • Average breath reading was 70mg/100 – twice the legal drink drive limit

  • 11 was the highest number of arrests within a 24-hour period. They were made within 24 hours of the England Vs Panama game.

Regional breakdown:
  • Richmond 8; Harrogate 19; York 28; Selby 13; Scarborough 23; Ryedale 6; Hambleton 9; Craven 12

Compared to last year:
  • 20 more arrests than last year

  • Average breath reading last year was just under 66mg/100

  • 25 failed roadside drug screening tests last year

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