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4 x 4 Off Road & On Road Training

If your fleet utilises 4x4 drive vehicles either in an on-road or off road environment there is an additional duty of care and responsibility  under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998), your drivers should be trained in off-road driving techniques.

Driving 4x4 vehicles in an on-road environment can be a challenge to some drivers who are not used to the different handling characteristics of these vehicles.​

​By combining theory and practical training drivers gain an understanding of how to drive in either an off-road or on-road environment and develop driving techniques to prepare them for the challenges they may meet.

Our 4×4 off road training course meets HSE requirement for ‘adequate training’, topics include,  types of 4WD systems and their mechanical complexities, under bonnet checks, route planning, health & safety issues and risk assessment. This training is suitable for anyone using four wheel drive vehicles as part of their working day.

Our 4×4 on road training course is aimed at those drivers that primarily are using 4x4 vehicles on the public road environment perhaps for towing.

Similar topics are covered as the 4x4 off-road with the exception of actual off road and rough terrain training.

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