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Fleet Driver Safety

Road Safety - Everyone's Business

Driving for work is generally the most dangerous work activity that most people undertake in the course of their working week.

It is a fact, that more people are killed or injured in at-work road crashes/accidents than in all other workplace accidents put together. So, whether you're a transport manager, a safety professional or a company director, your fleet's safety is something that your organisation can't afford to ignore.

Driving for work places greater pressures and stress on the driver. Drivers have expectations of themselves to perform differently compared to their private motoring. Drivers are more willing to cover greater distances while driving and add to the pressure by thinking about work pressures while driving.

Such pressure does not encourage or allow the driver to focus their attention to the driving task where it should be.

Many drivers will have experienced near misses that are shrugged off as a close shave or luck.

Whule in the work place such near misses would not be tolerated and reported with regard to remedial action to correct any errors. 

Organisations have a duty of care towards their employees and the public to manage their employees while on the road.

Managing your driving fleet is as important as other health & Safety issues within your organisation.

Management of Occupational Road Risk needs to be addressed as a mainstream health and safety issue from the top down.

This needs to be led from the top, with everyone in the organisation being aware of their responsibilities.

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