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Moped crime: Police told not to be scared to chase scooters

Police officers shouldn't be frightened of ending up in court if they chase suspects on scooters, the policing minister has told the BBC.

Nick Hurd MP says the government is "reviewing the law" and says "we do intend to change things" to better protect police.

The Police Federation says its officers are "scared to chase" in case they are charged if suspects are injured.

There has been a huge surge in crimes involving scooters and motorbikes in the last three years.

The Met Police told us there were 24,329 crimes committed using a moped in the year to February 2018.

This compares to 10,170 in the previous 12 months, but they say new tactics are starting to make a difference.

'Of course they are going to be scared'

Police officers have told Newsbeat they fear ending up in court for high-speed chases because they can be prosecuted for careless driving.

The union that represents police officers - the Police Federation - says the government is taking too long to make the changes.

"If they realised their livelihood and liberty were going to be in jeopardy of course they are going to be scared," Tim Rodgers from the Police Federation says.

Responding to that criticism, Nick Hurd MP said their "instinct is to give better protection to police officers" but "it doesn't happen overnight".

The Home Office confirmed to Newsbeat that any change to the law would apply in England, Wales and Scotland.

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