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ECO Driver Training - TreadLightly

Energy Saving Trust ECO Driver Training with UK Global Road Safety - Tread Lightly

Subsidised ECO Driver Training £45 per driver *

Fuel efficient driving or ecodriving is about developing and maintaining driving techniques that maximise modern engines’ efficiency. Using less fuel when driving also means that carbon emissions and air pollutants from vehicles are reduced. It will help ensure a less stressful and more relaxed drive whilst maintaining good progress. 

UK Global Road Safety deliver the Energy Saving Trust's fuel efficient Ecodriving training programme which is based on extensive research into the technical and behavioural issues associated with reducing fuel consumption. 

Fuel efficient driver training can provide the following benefits:

  • reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions

  • increased MPG by up to 15 per cent

  • reduced risk of vehicle conflict/incidents

  • lower levels of vehicle wear and tear

  • reduced driver stress levels

  • opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Reducing fuel costs and reducing whole life vehicle costs is a big driver for most fleets. A 15% average fuel saving can be achieved during training days. Transposing this into long-term savings depends on both the individual driver and how a fleet is managed as well as on the training itself, studies of the short-duration training methods demonstrate and show that between 5% & 8% reduction in fuel consumption in the 12 months post-training can be consistently achieved.


Lower fuel consumption also leads to reduced CO2 emissions. All in the driver training industry will tell you, efficient driving is also safer driving, as the key to both efficiency and safety is improved anticipation.

Ecodriving contributes to safety due to the strong focus on improved anticipation. ECO driver training  is not about sacrificing performance and enjoyment for the sake of doing the right thing; it is about a more professional approach and developing a more relaxed and stress free style of driving.

TreadLightly - Programme Details


* after subsidy and based on 6 drivers attending on each training day (6 x 1 hour sessions)

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