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Online Profiling & Training

MiDAS Minibus Awareness, Assessment & Training Scheme
Driver Profiling

Online Driver Profiling is by far the most efficient method of identifying driver risk and meeting vital health and safety obligations.

The assessment covers 4 core competencies, attitude, knowledge, concentration & observation and hazard perception.  Drivers receive their risk rating (Low, Medium or High) the moment they finish the assessment.

Driver Training

The Fleet Driver Training modules have been developed by qualified Fleet Driver Trainers, who are specialist in advanced driver training.  There is a considerable range of topics to choose from, please call us for full details.


With excellent levels of interaction, the driver benefits from a first-class training programme, during which they participate in excersises which provide vital skills to reduce accidents, improve driving skills, which lead to reduced running costs and lower fuel consumption.

Selection & Choice

An organisation may select any combination of profiling and Fleet Driver Training modules to suit their specific requirements, which means your training budget may be directed to the areas of most need.

You may wish to assign Fleet Driver training modules to your medium-risk drivers whilst employing on-road training for your high-risk drivers.

The system is not just available for cars, there is a range of vehicle types to match your fleet, these include Cars/Small Vans, Large Vans, HGV, Buses/Coaches, Minibuses and Motorcycles.

MiDAS Minibus Awareness, Assessment & Training Scheme
Administration & Reporting

This online Fleet Driver Training system comes with a flexible and easy to use dashboard, that will switch between charts and graphs to tabulated data with a click.

Your administrators will be able to see risk ratings over multiple divisions, compare one division against another, or view the result of an individual driver.  Online Fleet Driver Training module usage and scores can also be viewed and compared with your overall average.  Specific date ranges can be selected to view activity over time.

Reports can be downloaded and printed for meetings and performance reviews.

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