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Progress in Reducing Drink Driving in Europe

Alcohol interlocks could be fitted to all new vans, busses and lorries used by professional drivers in an attempt to reduce drink driving.

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) have published a report on 20 February, that looks at how a reduction on the 5,000 deaths caused annually by drink-driving in the European Union through the use of Alcohol Interlocks.

Along with this call for mandatory alcohol interlocks in such vehicles, the report also asks EU member states to increase enforcement and introduce rehabilitation programmes for drink-drive offenders in attempt ot further reduce the impact of drink driving.

The report identifies programmes across Europe, such as France where as of last month repeat offenders are required to have alcohol interlock installed in their vehicles – an in-car breath testing device that prevents a vehicle from being started if the driver is over the limit.

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