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Why Choose UKGRS?

Why UKGRS? Look at the statistics!

In our feedback survey 100% of respondents said their initial enquiry was dealt with in an expedient manner.

When asked if they had received guidance, advice and information from UKGRS, 100% of respondents said they had.

With regard to training dates, over 83% of respondents claimed that UKGRS accommodated their request [for a specific date] in the first instance.

94% of respondents said that the UKGRS trainer arrived on time, with 91% saying that the trainer arrived early.

100% of clients said that the trainer’s dress and manner reflected well on UKGRS

Over 95% of course participants said that the UKGRS trainer allowed for introductions, outlined the programme for the day and allowed the trainee you to ask questions at the start of the programme.

Over 97% of trainees said that the presentation was well paced allowing time to ask questions and deal with issues raised.

95% of course participants said that they didn’t feel there was any aspect of the in-vehicle assessment and coaching process that could have been improved.

Course attendees rated the overall experience of their UKGRS training session as "Good" or "Excellent".

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