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Double Penatlies for mobile phone offences come into force today

Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving will now be hit harder. However, not as hard as those that are unfortunately seriously injured or killed by those using mobile phones while driving.

New penalties introduced today will see motorists who get caught using a phone while driving receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine – up from the previous three points and £100 penalty.

Penalties for drivers of busses, coaches or goods vehicles are much higher.

This will mean a motorists caught using their mobile twice - accruing 12 points on their licence - will face a magistrates’ court appearance, disqualification from driving and fines of up to £1,000.

It also means new drivers, within two years of passing their test, run the risk of having their licence revoked for a single offence.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling hopes doubling the penalties will ‘act as a strong deterrent to motorists tempted to pick up their phone’.

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