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Welsh motorists 'finally getting' drink-drive message

Motorists in Wales are "finally getting the message" about drink-driving as the number of people who failed or refused breath tests fell to its lowest levels.

Latest Home Office figures showed 4,800 people were caught in 2015.

It is the third straight fall from a 2012 high of 7,900 and the first time in 14 years of records that the figure was below 5,000.

Road safety charity Brake called for the drink-drive limit to be reduced further.

Brake spokeswoman Lucy Amos said: "These statistics appear to show that people are finally getting the message that they cannot get away with drinking any amount of alcohol before getting behind their wheel.

"However, despite the fall in drivers testing positive or refusing a breath test on Wales' road there is still more work to be done.

"With traffic police numbers on the decline, it's leaving those who enforce the law with very little resources to catch those who do break the law."

Between 2002 and 2012, the average number of people failing tests was 6,520.

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