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On-Road Fleet Training

Below is a selection of the courses we deliver on a regular basis, should you wish to discuss a bespoke programme to suit your specific needs please call us on 01452 347332 or send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Fleet Driver Training, advanced driving,
Fleet Driver Training​ click for more information

Fleet Driver Training is aimed at reducing risks encountered by company vehicle drivers, whilst at the same time reducing fleet running costs with lower accident rates, improved fuel consumption and reduced maintenance bills.  These programmes will meet your health and safety obligations and duty of care to your fleet drivers.

Delivered by DVSA Fleet Registered Driver Trainers your drivers will learn advance driving techniques that will help them achieve a safe and stress-free drive.

Energy Savig Trust - ECO Driver Training UK Global Road Safety
ECO Driver Training click for more information

Subsidised ECO Training through the 'Tread Lightly' programme from UKGRS, delivered in association with the Energy Saving Trust and incorporating the EST ECO Driver Training programme. At £35 per driver (after subsidy) this is an essential choice for organisations wishing to reduce fuel bills & carbon footprint.

UK Global Road Safety - Tread Lightly - Energy Saving Trust ECO Driver Training Programme


By adopting driving techniques that maximise modern engines’ efficiency drivers will use less fuel when driving, which means that carbon emissions and air pollutants from vehicles are reduced and also results in lower fleet running costs.

Post Accident
Fleet Driver Training, Post Accident Driver Training, Advanced Driving
Post Accident Remedial Training

Following an accident a driver can loose confidence, therefore you may wish be provide support and training to allow the drivers to understand why the accident happened and learn techniques to prevent a reoccurrence of such an event.

The programme helps the driver build confidence, develop a positive driving attitude and understand the principles of defensive driving.

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Driver Behaviour Training, Speed Awareness, Alcohol, Drugs & driving
Driver Behaviour Training

These courses include Speed Awareness, High Risk Driver (points accumulation) and Drink & Drug Awareness.

Participants will gain an understating of the consequences of their actions, how these actions can seriously change their lives and that of others, often their family.  Driver will be encouraged to adopt a more positive attitude and in turn improve compliance with road traffic legislation.

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Passenger Awareness & Assistance

Organisations that transport passengers not only have a duty of care to those passengers but should consider if their drivers have the skills and knowledge to interact with their passengers in a correct manner.  

Using the correct language and understanding how to correctly assist those with physical and/or mental health difficulties can create a higher level of customer care that can have a positive affect on a company's image.

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4 x 4 Off-Road Training


If your fleet drivers occasionally need to drive off-road then there is an additional duty of care responsibility  under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998), your drivers should be trained in off-road driving techniques.

By combining theory and practical training drivers gain an understanding of how to drive in off-road locations and develop driving techniques to prepare them for the challenges they may meet.

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4 x 4
UK Fam
UK Familiarisation driving course - UK Global Road Safety
UK Familiarisation


Larger organisations often find that they are now recruiting more personnel from outside of the United Kingdom, often such team members have not previously driven in the UK, or even on the left hand side of the road.

During this programme our trainers will cover the rules and regulations of driving in the UK and help the driver develop techniques that will help them adjust to their new environment.

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