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ECO Driver Training - TreadLightly

Energy Saving Trust ECO Driver Training with UK Global Road Safety - Tread Lightly

TreadLightly Programme Details:


Our trainer will visit your premises to deliver the training in the attendees vehicle.  Each session lasts a maximum of one hour, which means your staff are not taken away from their primary work for more time than necessary. We can deliver this training for up to 6 of your staff in a day.



Each TreadLightly session consists of an initial 'green drive' on a set route, where the participant drives in their usual stye and manner, during which average MPG and MPH data is recorded.  


Our TreadLightly trainer will then ask the driver for feedback and introduce the three core ECO driving tips (greater anticipation, use of gears and use of a trailing  throttle, and will also discuss any other tips they may wish to focus on during the second drive.


The second drive is carried out over the same route, during which our trainer will focus on the three core ECO driving tips plus any other techniques that may have been discussed.

Following the coached drive our trainer will encourage a two-way feedback session, discuss the MPG and MPH figures for both drives and explain the reason for the differences.



Data from the session will be recorded with the Energy Saving Trust, who will create a certificatate for the driver.  UKGRS will then forward the certificate and EST subsidy to your organisation.

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